Personal Training

Every client who seeks personal training in Chester has a different objective or goal they wish to achieve and often within a particular time frame. The reasons people choose Personal Training vary greatly and are often personal to each client. Some seek individualised programmes to help loose weight and get into shape for an event or holiday, others are bored of their current training regimes and want to be pushed harder and be held accountable for their exercise and some just want motivation and support. Wherever you are in that exercise journey personal training is something that can get you over the next level. At Phil Davis Personal Training Chester we aim to match those objectives and goals to particular training routines that help to maximise your fitness potential whilst at the same time creating a fun and rewarding workout.

At Phil Davis Personal Training Chester we regularly updates his knowledge within the exercise industry to ensure clients are getting the latest and most effective exercise routines possible whether it is for weight loss and management, general muscle building and sculpting or just improved cardiovascular fitness. Exercises that incorporate Kettlebell training, TRX suspension training, core stability training, interval and fartlek training, Peripheral Heart Action (P.H.A) training, Escalated Density Training (EDT), German Volume Training (GVT), strength and conditioning, to name a few, can enable clients to have an effective and enjoyable approach to reaching their goals.

The areas of fitness Phil specialises in include;

Fat loss and weight loss.
Muscle toning and sculpting.
Muscle building.
Strength and conditioning.
Cardiovascular fitness.
Core strength, agility and stability.

The first session for all clients who sign up to a programme with Phil Davis Personal Training Chester includes a lifestyle and health consultation to ascertain current health, fitness and nutritional levels. Once the information has been have been made we check body composition using high tech bioelectrical impedance scales to ascertain current body fat percentage, skeletal muscle weight, hydration levels, resting metabolic rate, bone density and visceral fat levels and various tests to establish your postural weaknesses, cardiovascular fitness levels and muscular strength and endurance. These provide us with a benchmark from which to measure your progression. Following on from this we will set achievable goals and tailor ongoing programmes to suit our clients' individual requirements. Each one hour session includes a warm up, your personalised programme and a cool down with static and advanced PIR stretching.

Are ethos is all about YOU and as such we aim to deliver;


A dynamic and tailor made fitness regime aimed at exposing your true physical and mental potential.


Provide constant support, motivation and direction during your training, fortnightly progression measuring as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice to ensure you achieve maximum results.


Deliver training at a time and location convenient for you.

For more intensive training or specific goal related training why not try one of our purpose built body transformation packages aimed at weight loss or muscle building.

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