28 Day Detox Package

Detox diets have gained lots of attention in the media over recent decades with many A-list celebrities swearing by the benefits of cleansing their body from the build up of toxic waste and promoting the positive wellbeing effects from such diets. There are also critics of detox diets as well, with many saying that the body has its own detox mechanisms that are perfectly adequate in detoxifying the body and such diets are fads, you might have heard these or have your own opinions. However before taking these views as gospel ask yourself this;

- Do you suffer from weight gain or struggle to lose weight?
- Do you find yourself bloated and sluggish?
- Do you have low energy levels and are continually fatigued?
- Do you have poor skin, dry hair or nails that break easily?
- Do you suffer from colds or infections on a regular basis?
- Do you have poor concentration?
- Do you suffer from cellulite?

If you answered YES to one, some or all of the above then your body could be trying to tell you something.


The human body has developed an amazing ability, through robust mechanical and chemical processes, to expel waste products and toxins that we produce, ingest and come into contact with on a daily basis, this is FACT. Organs such as our lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines and skin work in synergy with each other expelling chemicals that are deemed harmful to our health and protect us from the potential damage they can cause, this is also FACT.

However even with this amazing ability to detoxify itself the body can become overwhelmed with the continual onslaught of chemicals and toxins from to our modern, hectic lifestyles filled with pollution, pesticides, poor diet, food additives, cosmetics, alcohol, caffeine, stress, to name a few. This increased toxicity within our bodies can overload many of our metabolic processes that can in turn lead to increased health problems overtime.

Our 28 Day Detox package is aimed at limiting your exposure to certain pollutants and toxins in your daily life whilst introducing foods, herbs and spices that contain essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients needed to give your body’s detox system a boost in eliminating these potentially harmful substances from your system. This may in turn may help you loose weight, increase your energy levels and feel fitter and healthier than ever before.

As with most things, one size does not fit all, so that is why our 28 Day Detox package is tailored made for every client and can be delivered entirely online. Our plans aren’t a generic 7 day diet of cabbage water and celery juice or a severe fasting diet but is in fact built on a philosophy of removing foods and pollutants know to damage our health, cells and DNA and introduce foods packed with antioxidant, phytochemicals and phytonutrients properties. Our plans are designed around an in depth consultation that examines your current diet and lifestyle habits as well as a specific health questionnaire form that looks at 4 key areas including;

Gastrointestinal health
Overall toxicity.

the 4 protocols

Once we have all the information we tally the results from the questionnaires, particularly the detox questionnaire, and depending on your scores, we offer 4 detox approaches that are specific to you, your symptoms and your results. Our plans let your body speak for itself.

Depending on your scores and severity we offer 4 detox protocols;

0 -10 – This score would indicate that your diet and lifestyle choices are already positive so this protocol would only require minor changes. In this range we would design a 28 day detox plan aimed at a lifestyle detox based around the 3 Main Clean Up Protocols; avoiding C.R.A.P foods (Carbonated drinks, Refined Carbs, Additives/alcohol, Processed foods), Water and Sleep.

11 -20 – This score would require a 28 Day Recalibration aimed at liver, kidney and gastrointestinal detox. This plan would be based around the 3 Main Clean Up Protocols plus the addition of 300g/day of cruciferous vegetables and sulphur rich foods, the introduction of foods high in antioxidant properties as well as foods rich in phytonutrients and the removal of foods containing the 3 Detox Detractors; Trans Fats, Alcohol and Sugar/Added Sugar.

21 – 40 – This score would require a more intensive detox including the 28 Day Recalibration plus a 2 Week Elimination in weeks 2 and 3 aimed at boosting immunity and reducing inflammation in the body. This plan includes the 28 Day Recalibration, mentioned above, but also adds in an elimination phase in weeks 2 and 3 in which we remove not only Trans Fats, Alcohol and Added Sugar but also Gluten and Lactose.

40+ - This score would require the most intensive detox approach. This plan would include the 28 Day Recalibration plus an Intensive Detox in Week 3 aimed at easing moderate systematic symptoms, reducing overall toxicity and maximising your detoxification capacity. In weeks 1 and 2 you will follow the Recalibration Protocols aimed as a Pretox (preparation) for week 3. For the Intensive Detox in week 3 you will be required to eliminate Gluten and Diary from your diet plus 1 or more of the following; Caffeine, Meat, Grains, Starchy Vegetables and Fruits (except low calorie and low GI fruits). As well as the elimination of the above groups you will introduce a daily smoothie of vegetables and berries aimed at fighting free radicals and repairing DNA. Note that the more groups you eliminate in week 3 the greater the detox effect will be. Week 4 will comprise of a Retox, a gradual reintroduction of the foods eliminated in week 3.

Each of the 4 protocols are delivered to you in a wellness plan and come with their own, unique 4 weekly diet plans which are tailored to the detox plan specific to you. The 4 weekly diet plans in the package;

Are designed specifically to your Daily Calorie Allowance and Macronutrient ratios aimed at promoting weigh loss, fat loss and promoting muscle tone (when combined with exercise).

Have a break down of the calories and macros you are having each meal, each day and at the end of the week.

Have a table indicating your micronutrients as a % of your Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) at the end of each day.

Contain recipes for each of the meals you have and a shopping list of all the ingredients you need for the week.

Finally the 28 Day Detox Package also includes a 28 Day Home HIIT Workout Programme, unique to your ability, focussing on a total body approach aimed at losing body fat and building muscle and strength.

We are also adding BONUS material completely free with this package which includes;

- Vitamin and mineral supplement advice.

- Nutritional advice for over 40 common health conditions.

- Health benefits of over 160 superfoods.


We are also offering with this comprehensive package weekly support and catch up appointments via Whats App, Skype and Zoom to check on progress.

This package is normally £300
but it is available to you now for

only £250

For more information and prices regarding this package please Contact Us

*Please note that the nutritional and physical guidelines given in this package are designed to restore and promote health and fitness and do NOT, under any circumstance, aim to replace medical advice. If you are currently under medical supervision for any dietary or physical condition please consult your doctor or medical practitioner before purchasing this package.

*Please note that due to the complexity of the plans please allow up to 7 days before you receive the package once purchased.

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