At Phil Davis Personal Training Chester we offer a 12 Week Muscle Building Package

This intensive package is tailored specifically for men looking to increase muscle mass, strength and reduce body fat fundamentally change the way they look and feel. Whether you are wanting to bulk up for a sporting event, look fitter and firmer on the beach or just look better with your top off this package can be adapted every man’s goals and fitness abilities whilst at the same time focussing on stripping fat and building muscle, strength and power in as little as 84 days. Using a combination of personalised training sessions and weekly diet plans the 12 Week Muscle Building Package aims to give you;

- Noticeable Lean muscle gain within 14 days.
- reduced Body Fat.
- A more toned, defined and impressive body.
- Increased strength, power and fitness.
- Better sleep and mood patterns.
- Natural Increase in male hormone testosterone, leading to improved skin and hair and cardiovascular health.
- A transformed and better looking you in 12 weeks.
The 12 Week Muscle Building package is designed to get you the results, all we ask you to do is follow what we say

90% commitment to training and diet and a 10% deviation to keep your sanity Phil Davis Personal Training Chester aims to give you all the motivation, tools and support necessary to change the way you look and feel.


The initial consultation consists of a health, fitness and lifestyle questionnaire where we learn about, not only your previous exercise experience and medical history, but also understand exactly how we can structure this package to best fit around your lifestyle. We also undertake extensive body composition analysis whereby we calculate resting metabolic rate, body fat percentages, weight, muscle mass percentages, visceral fat and water content. The initial consultation gives Phil the information needed to build the foundations of your programme and design the 12 week package to fit your goals and ultimately give you the stronger, leaner and fitter body you are aiming for.


The 12 Week Muscle Building package features 5 personal training sessions a week that use the latest body building workouts specially developed to grow muscle mass, strip body fat and increase strength, power and shape. This package is specifically designed for a gym based environment where workouts incorporating supersets, pyramids, negatives, agonist and antagonist muscles, and German Volume Training are designed to push you both physically and mentally and with documented weekly body fat, body mass and muscle mass percentage readings Phil aims to keep you focussed and motivated towards your end goal.


This element of the package is essentially most important as it aims to give clients highly personalised dietary programmes that break down eating goals and give guidelines for all 84 days of the package. Phil starts by using personalised dietary questionnaires to assess not only your calorie needs but more importantly your macronutrient needs, particularly your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake. The information is then used to design 12 weekly diet plans aimed at reducing body fat, increasing strength and power, building and repairing muscle, fueling muscle before, during and after exercise as well as replenishing vitamin and mineral levels. This package also provides vitamin, mineral and supplement advice to ensure you get the best results possible.

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*Please note that the nutritional and physical guidelines given in this package are designed to restore and promote health and welbeing and do NOT, under any circumstance, aim to replace medical advice. If you are currently under medical supervision for any dietary or physical condition please consult your doctor or medical practioner before purchasing this package.

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