Gym Based Personal Trainer

The best personal trainer Chester. At Phil Davis Personal Training Chester, training in a gym is currently the most popular option offered to clients. he ability to train in a fully equipped gym such as Crabwall Manor, means that workouts are dynamic, functional and also fun for the client ensuring increased motivation, focus and participation for maximum results. The wide selection of free weights, resistant equipment and cardio machines ensures that whatever the goal is we have the equipment to achieve it.  Clients can also benefit from the use of the studio at Crabwall Manor, if more space is required particularly for kettlebell exercises, boxercise, functional training and body sculpting circuits.

Home and mobile Personal Trainer

Home Personal Training in Chester, Cheshire or the North West is another option popular amongst clients particularly those who have time constrains or have children. The ability to have an effective and fun workout in the comfort of your own home enables clients to enjoy a hassle free approach to training. Using specialist equipment and training workouts designed for home PT, Phil is able to incorporate functional and dynamic exercises that are centred around clients goals whilst at the same time giving a rewarding workout without having to leave the house. 

Online Personal Trainer

Our newly launched online consultations and workouts via email, Skype and You Tube provides clients with personalised programmes, nutritional diet plans, video workouts and motivational support and counselling wherever they are in the world. These workouts and diet plans are comprehensive and tailored to each individual just the same way as our gym based workouts and have been shown, when followed to correctly, to transform your body in a matter of weeks from the comfort of your home or beachside villa.

This service is becoming increasingly popular among our clients who travel abroad frequently as it gives them access to Phil’s coaching knowhow via email enabling him to deliver training and nutritional regimes whether they are in a hotel gym, holiday villa or the beach.

This service has also opened up personal training and nutritional education to people who live and work in remote areas in the UK where access to gyms, personal training and professional nutritional advice is very limited.

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